The Appeal to the European Institutions.

Strengthen Europe’s civil society.
Say YEA to the European association.


  • Since 1993 (Maastricht Treaty), we are EU citizens.
  • Since 2009, article 12 of the EU Charta of Fundamental Rights gives us the right of association at all levels.

It is high time that these noble words are matched with deeds.

We, associations from across the European Union, call on the EU institutions – the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission – to establish a statute for European associations by European elections of 2024 at the latest.

We want to be free to decide whether we organise ourselves at national or at European level.

That is why we are calling on the European institutions to act now. Give European civil society what you have promised for decades. Say YEA to the European association!

12 February 2019

You represent an association and would like your association to be easily recognised throughout the EU and to be able to cooperate more easily across borders?

  • Would you like your association to become more attractive for members from other EU countries, to set up its own national or local groups there and to receive donations from other EU countries?

  • Have you already encountered difficulties with cross-border activities of your association?

  • Maybe promoting European integration is even the original goal of your association?

  • Perhaps your association is concerned about an issue that is of great importance to all Europeans?

  • Or would you simply like to set an example for a self-confident European civil society in alliance with like-minded associations?

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