Ulrike Guérot, head of Department for European Politics and the Study of Democracy at Danube-University Krems and founder of the Berlin-based European Democracy Lab, on European associations:

A European law of associations is a basic requirement for being a European citizen and taking the concept of the European citizen seriously. Being a European citizen does not mean that we all love each other in Europe and share the same values, as is often said or insinuated, when talking about “European Citizens”, as during the last European elections. But “being a citizen” means above all having the same rights, and most importantly, the right to organize in associations. The freedom of association is one of the oldest civil rights and civic forms of organization. Where there is no European law of associations, there are strictly speaking also no European citizens. Against this background, this initiative is extremely important: European citizens should actually boycott the European elections in 2024, if the EU fails to create a European law of associations until then, that would make us European citizens.