It was about 20 NGO – AEGEE Europe, Civil Society Europe, European Civic Forum, Fondation Roi Baudouin, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung , We are Europe! and more – that followed Sergey Lagodinsky‘s (Greens/EFA) invitation to Brussels to talk about a European statute for associations. Sergey presented some thought-out ideas of how a statute could look like in the future, and ended up with proposing a Joint Resolution of the European Parliament on the topic. The ensuing discussion made clear there is a vested interest in an all-European statute for associations. However, much more is needed than expert circles, said We are Europe!s co-chairman, Jens Baganz:

It will take more than discussing juridical problems in detail and explaining to each other where the resistance comes from. What we really must express, as European citizens, is our stout and unequivocal will to see this statute adopted by 2024 at the latest.

It was good news to see Nicola Beer (Renew Europe), vice-president of the European Parliament, support the objective in the meeting.