Great, you want to contribute to this campaign and help strengthening European civil society. Before signing, make sure you have read the campaign information.

As soon as we have received your association’s registration and there are no objections to its participation, we will send you the YEA campaign logo by e-mail (in four different colour variations). Please use the logo, at your sole discretion, on your association’s website, in social media, in your premises and on printed matter. At the same time we mention your association as a supporter on the campaign website. If you would like us to show your logo, please send it to us in electronic form: .

Please kindly check whether you can support the YEA campaign with a one-time donation (recommendations on donation amount: 20 € for associations up to 300 members and 40 € for larger associations). The YEA campaign account number is:

We are Europe – YEA-Kampagne, IBAN DE 72 3005 0110 1008 0795 66

As soon as we have received your donation, we will gladly send you a written confirmation of receipt.

Important: A donation is not a pre-requisite for the registration of your association.